What’s the deal with the UK government’s new spending tool?

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that this morning the UK government launched [a new tool to explore UK public spending]( The ‘Government Interrogating Spending Tool’ (fear not – you the user are supposed to be the giver, not the receiver, of interrogation) or ‘GIST’ is, [according to the Cabinet Office](, “one of the first […]

Release of Whole of Government Accounts

**The following guest post is by Dan Herbert, who works on our [Where Does My Money Go]( and [Open Spending]( projects. He is the Programme Manager for MSc Accounting at Oxford Brookes University.** This week sees the [publication of the first Whole of Government Accounts for the UK]( WGA represents the end of a decade […]

New Visualisations for OpenSpending

This post is by [Gregor Aisch](, graphic designer and visualisation architect on the OpenSpending project. Today, at the OpenSpending worksop at [OKCon2011]( he gave a sneak preview of some of the work he has been doing to create new visualisations for OpenSpending, including a re-adaptation of David McCandless’ famous bubble visualisation from [‘Where Does My […]

Interview with OKF Co-Founder Rufus Pollock on Open Spending

**The following post is from [Jonathan Gray](, Community Coordinator at the [Open Knowledge Foundation](** OKF Co-Founder [Rufus Pollock]( recently interviewed at [Open Tech 2011]( about []( and []( You can watch the video on ( or [YouTube](, or you can download it by right clicking [here](

Workshops Preceding OKCon2011

OKCon2011 is glad to announce that registration has now opened for the pre-OKCon workshops. More details can be found below. ## Pre-OKCon2011 CKAN Workshop Tuesday, June 28, 2011 from 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM (GMT+0100) A chance to get hands-on with the technical side of working with CKAN. In each session, a core CKAN developer […]

Where does Italy’s money go?

**The following post is from [Jonathan Gray](, Community Coordinator at the [Open Knowledge Foundation](** Over the past 48 hours or so we’ve been busy loading 12 years of Italian spending data into [Open Spending]( Further details on the project and the data are below. This project was put together by [Stefano Costa](, [Friedrich Lindenberg](, [Luca […]

Python Web Expert Jobs

**This is a joint post by [James Gardner][gardner], the lead developer on [CKAN] and [Rufus Pollock][rufus], creator of CKAN and project lead for [Where Does My Money Go][wdmmg].** [gardner]: [rufus]: [wdmmg]: [ckan]: The Open Knowledge Foundation is looking for really good Python web developers to join our organisation to work on […]

Where are the cuts in your country?

As you may have seen, last week the OKF launched a new mini project called []( Created by by [Jordan Hatch]( and [Richard Pope](, the site enables UK citizens to find and report spending cuts near them. It had a pretty enthusiastic reception, and was [picked up by the Telegraph]( and several local news sources. […]