Mapping open government data initiatives around the world

The Open Knowledge Foundation and Access Info are currently seeking information on open government data initiatives around the world, as part of a scoping paper supported by the Open Society Institute: With major announcements from the UK and and the US in the past few months, and numerous open government data catalogues popping up around […]

Open data on international development: let us know what you think!

Last autumn we released the first draft of a working paper on opening up data related to international development. The report covers how to legally and technically open up aid data, as well as recommendations for how to make aid data easier to find and reuse. This is now up on a dedicated website at: […] goes public – and its using CKAN! goes public today, and we’ve very proud that it is using CKAN, our open source registry of open data, to list official UK government datasets (as we announced in October): We’ve been working closely with the Cabinet Office team to get this out the door, and over 2500 datasets have been released via the […]

New open data from London Datastore

As you may well have seen, last Thursday the Greater London Authorities announced the new London Datastore: From the press release: The Mayor of London will unveil plans for the capital’s first open data project which will see large amounts of previously unavailable information from City Hall released online. Similar to the hugely successful ‘Apps […]

Open Knowledge Foundation Newsletter No. 13

Welcome to the thirteenth Open Knowledge Foundation newsletter! For a plain text version for email, please see: Open Knowledge Foundation Newsletter No. 13 – on our main okfn-announce list Microblog version: RT @jwyg: Open Knowledge Foundation @okfn Newsletter No. 13: OPEN KNOWLEDGE FOUNDATION NEWSLETTER NO. 13 Contents: Seasons Greetings from the Open Knowledge Foundation! […]

Dr Ian Brown joins OKF Board of Directors

We’re very pleased to welcome Dr Ian Brown of the Oxford Internet Institute at Oxford University to the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Board of Directors. Welcome aboard, Ian! A bit more about Dr Brown: Dr Brown is a Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) at Oxford University. His research is focused on […]

Interview with Jordan Hatcher on legal tools for open data

The Open Knowledge Foundation‘s Jordan Hatcher was recently interviewed by the Semantic Web Company about Why we can’t use the same open licensing approach for databases as we do for content and software: Legal certainty is crucial when it comes to build business around new technologies. The Open Knowledge Foundation has started to tackle this […]

UK Government announces lots of new open data!

This morning UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced plans to open up lots more UK Government data! His speech describes plans to put much more detailed information online under open licenses in 2010. This includes: public services performance data – including on crime, hospitals and schools new transport data geospatial data from Ordnance survey (as […]

Glyn Moody and Mark Surman join OKF Advisory Board!

We are very pleased to announce that we now have two new members on the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Advisory Board! Glyn Moody, a technology writer and expert on all things open, and Mark Surman, Executive Director at the Mozilla Foundation and one of the founders of Open Everything, have recently joined our prestigious board of […]

After the Open Data and Semantic Web Workshop

Last week we had a workshop on Open Data and the Semantic Web in London. There were some excellent talks, demos and discussions – and documentation is now online! As a result of discussions we had at the workshop, we now have two new volunteer positions at the Open Knowledge Foundation. If you’re interested in […]

Ordnance Survey to open up UK geospatial data

In a press release earlier this week, it was announced that there will be moves to open up geospatial data produced by the Ordnance Survey: The Prime Minister and Communities Secretary John Denham will today announce that the public will have more access to Ordnance Survey maps from next year, as part of a Government […]

Alpha Release of Where Does My Money Go? Prototype

We’ve pleased to announce the alpha release of our Where Does My Money Go prototype. This is a web application that allows you to explore UK public spending – and you can take a look here: Update: access underlying data here. This an “alpha” release and its still a way from finished – we’re […]

Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon) 2010: Call for Proposals

The Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon) 2010 Call for Proposals is now open! We would be grateful for help in circulating the call to relevant lists and communities! You can reuse or point to: This blog post Main CFP page Plain text announce (wrapped at 72 characters) post Twitter post Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon) 2010: […]

KForge v0.17 Released

We’re pleased to announce the release of KForge v0.17! KForge is an open source (GPL) suite of tools for for managing software and knowledge projects. Tools available currently include: Wikis and mailing lists (e.g. MoinMoin, Mailman). Content management systems and blogs (e.g. Joomla, WordPress, DAV). Version control systems (e.g. Subversion, Mercurial, Git). A project framework […]

The Open Knowledge Foundation is seeking an Editor for Open Text Book!

We are seeking an Editor for Open Text Book, one of the highest ranked sites on the web for finding textbooks that you can freely use, reuse and redistribute: This is a volunteer position requiring a one to two day a month commitment. If you are interested in contributing to the world of open […]

New mockups for “Where Does My Money Go?”

We recently blogged about some mockups for our Where Does My Money Go? project. We’ve now got some new mockups for the project which are show below (click through for full size). Again, we’d love to hear what you think of the designs! You can either leave a comment below, or pop a note to […]

Latest Developments on Open Shakespeare (v0.8)

The last six months have seen significant developments on our Open Shakespeare project, many of which have are reflected on the website: The most major advance is the availability of new HTML and PDF editions of the texts, see, for example, these versions of Twelfth Night: We’ve also made improvements to multiview, […]

OpenFlights data released under Open Database License (ODbL)

OpenFlights is a site for “flight logging, mapping, stats and sharing”. We’re very pleased to hear they’ve just released their data under the Open Database License (ODbL): One of OpenFlights‘ most popular features is our dynamic airport and airline route mapping, and today, we’re proud to release the underlying data in an easy-to-use form, up […]

First mockups for “Where Does My Money Go?”

We are currently building a prototype for the Where Does My Money Go? – and we’ve now got the first mockups of what the site will look like… For full size versions you can see: spending by region spending by function We’d love to hear what you think of the designs! You can either leave […] Launched – and it’s Using CKAN

The UK Government’s public sector data site launched last week in a private beta — and it’s using CKAN as its backend for storing all its dataset info! They’ve got more than a 1000 existing data sets, from 7 departments, all brought together for the first time in a re-useable form. They’re eager to get […]

Public Domain Calculators Meeting, 10-11th November 2009

There is often a tendency to talk of ‘the public domain’ and of works falling out of copyright and ‘into the public domain’ – as though there is a single set of works which are out of copyright all over the world. In fact, of course, there are different national laws about the nature and […]

Australian government releases open data for MashupAustralia competition

Yesterday the Australian government announced its new MashupAustralia competition, with a prize fund of over $20,000 Australian dollars: Today the Government 2.0 Taskforce is launching its MashupAustralia contest […]. To fuel your innovative mashup juices, around 59 datasets from the Australian and State and Territory Governments have been released at on license terms and […]

Macedonian translation of the Open Knowledge Definition (OKD)

We’ve just added a Macedonian translation of the Open Knowledge Definition thanks to Ljube Babunski. If you’d like to translate the Definition into another language, or if you’ve already done so, please get in touch on our discuss list, or on info at the OKF’s domain name (okfn dot org).

Open Knowledge Foundation Newsletter No. 12

Open Knowledge Foundation Newsletter No. 12 has just been sent out. If you would like to receive this via email, you can join our main okfn-announce list. Open Knowledge Foundation Newsletter No. 12 Welcome to the twelfth Open Knowledge Foundation newsletter! Contents: New report on sharing aid information is now open for comments Open Data […]

Swedish translation of the Open Knowledge Definition (OKD)

We’ve just added a Swedish translation of the Open Knowledge Definition thanks to Peter Krantz (who’s work on open data in Sweden we recently blogged about) and Staffan Malmgren. If you’d like to translate the Definition into another language, or if you’ve already done so, please get in touch on our discuss list, or […]

New report on sharing aid information is now open for comments

We’re pleased to announce the publication of a new report, Unlocking the potential of aid information. The report, by the Open Knowledge Foundation and Aidinfo, looks at how to make information related to international development (i) legally open, (ii) technically open and (iii) easy to find. The report and relevant background information can be found […]

CKAN 0.9 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of CKAN version 0.9! CKAN is the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network, a registry of open knowledge packages and projects. Changes include: Add version attribute for package Fix purge to use new version of Versioned Domain Model (vdm) (0.4) Link to changed packages when listing revision Show most recently […]

Beta release of Weaving History!

We are pleased to announce the first public beta of Weaving History! Weaving History lets you create ‘factlets‘, containing basic information about historical events, persons, and so on, which you can string together to create historical ‘threads‘. These threads can then be visually represented on maps and timelines. There’s a function that lets you automatically […]

Thanks for all the fish (data)!

EUTransparency, who created FarmSubsidy and organised the European Open Data Summit have launched a new site with data on payments made under the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy. From the press release: Today sees the launch of, a new transparency website from the stable. It presents data on 97,260 payments totalling 8.5 billion euro […]

French translation of the Open Knowledge Definition (OKD)

We’ve just added a French translation of the Open Knowledge Definition thanks to Caroline Ker and Séverine Dusollier at the University of Namur, Belgium! If you’d like to translate the Definition into another language, or if you’ve already done so, please get in touch on our discuss list, or at info (at) the OKF’s […]

ODC Open Database License (ODbL) Release Candidate 2 is Out

Open Data Commons, a project we help host and run, has put out its second and final “Release Candidate” of the Open Database License (ODbL). As it states in the announcement: The Open Database License (ODbL) v1.0 “Release Candidate 2” is now available at: As expected there haven’t been many changes from the first […]

KForge v0.16 Released

Another release (v0.16) of KForge is now out. It’s amazing to think this will mark KForge’s 4th anniversary! KForge is the software behind our KnowledgeForge service and the code is now very stable — we plan for the next release to be our official “1.0”. On this occasion there are the following changes worthy of […]

Two new board members: James Casbon and Paula Le Dieu!

We are pleased to welcome two new members to the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Board of Directors: The first is James Casbon, a bioinformatics programmer: James Casbon has been working with open knowledge throughout his professional career. He has been responsible for analysing and managing large scale data sets in genomics, aerospace and finance. He is […]

The OKF Turns 5 – And We Need Your Support

This month the Open Knowledge Foundation is five years old. Over those last five years we’ve done much to promote open access to information — from sonnets to stats, genes to geodata — not only in the form of specific projects like Open Shakespeare and Public Domain Works but also in the creation of tools […]

New mailing list for open knowledge in development

We’ve just launched a new mailing list for those interested in open knowledge in development: As you may have seen we had a session on Open Knowledge for Development at OKCon 2009. There was also discussion of the value of sharing knowledge for development at the 5th Communia Workshop – particularly from Pierre Guillaume […] goes live!

The US governments new site (which we blogged about last month) is now live! There are currently a selection of core datasets available – from information about World Copper Smelters to results from the Residential Energy Consumption Survey. Raw data is available in XML, Text/CSV, KML/KMZ, Feeds, XLS, or ESRI Shapefile formats. As well […]

Launch of Open Data Grid

In the last couple of months we’ve had several threads on the okfn-discuss list about distributed storage for open data (see here and here). Last month we started a distributed storage project, aiming to provide distributed storage infrastructure for OKF and other open knowledge projects. After researching various technical options, we’ve launched an Open Data […]

Cornell University Library keeps reproductions of public domain works in the public domain

Yesterday Cornell University University Library announced that it will ‘remove all restrictions’ on digital reproductions of public domain works, meaning these are open as in From the press release: ITHACA, N.Y. (May 11, 2009) – In a dramatic change of practice, Cornell University Library has announced it will no longer require its users to […]

CKAN 0.8 Released

A new release of CKAN is now out together with a new, and substantially improved versioned domain model library. Changes include: View information about package history (ticket:53) Basic datapkg integration (ticket:57) Show information about package openness using icons (ticket:56) One-stage package create/registration (r437) Reinstate package attribute validation (r437) Upgrade to vdm 0.4 The CKAN code […]

European Open Data Summit

Last week was the first European Open Data Summit in Brussels (which we blogged about here) organised by EU Transparency, who created The event brought together journalists, researchers, civic hackers, and representatives from European institutions for two days of documenting and building on documents and datasets from European institutions and member states. At the […]

CKAN package party and general online meetup: Saturday 16th May 2009

We’re planning another CKAN package party + general OKFN online meetup for Saturday 16th of May. It’s a general meetup but with a focus on CKAN packaging so feel free to come and chat about anything open knowledge related — everyone and anyone is welcome. When: Saturday 16th May 2009, 1430-1730 BST (1330-1630 GMT, 0930-1230 […]

Open Data Commons Release v1.0 Release Candidate for Open Database License

Open Data Commons, a project we help host, has put out a v1.0 “Release Candidate” for their Open Database License (ODbL). As it states in the announcement: This updated version of the license incorporates a whole set of changes arising out of the earlier comments period and the main changes are summarized below. As the […]

5th Communia Workshop: Post-Event Information + Statement

The 5th Communia Workshop took place last month at the London School of Economics. It brought together researchers, policy-makers, stakeholders and representatives from across Europe, the United States and Australia for two days of talks and discussions about reusing public sector content and data. In the afternoon of the first day, participants co-drafted a simple […]

European Open Data Inventory

We’re currently working on a European Open Data Inventory: This is an inventory of EU-relevant datasets that is being compiled by EU Transparency, the NGO that made and the Open Knowledge Foundation. It includes data that is already available, as well as data that we know exists but is not published – from budget […]