From PSI to open data – LAPSI is ready for a new round of legal questions

In February, 23 partners kicked off the LAPSI 2.0 thematic network on the legal aspects of public sector information in Leuven, Belgium. The network, consisting of academic institutions and stakeholders from 15 countries, will continue where the previous LAPSI network left off, and look at the remaining legal barriers hindering the full and open availability […]

European Union launches CKAN data portal

On Friday, to coincide with Saturday’s International Open Data Day, the European Commission (EC) [unveiled]( a new [data portal](, which will be used to publish data from the EC and other bodies of the European Union. This major project was [announced]( last year, and it went live in December for testing before today’s announcement. The […]

European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes praises work of Open Knowledge Foundation Greece

Great News! Neelie Kroes, the Vice President of the European Commission, has sent her personal best wishes to the OKF team in Greece who [launched their brand new open data portal]( last week! She said: “Open data is a very powerful lever for both a better economy and society. Open data is fuel for innovation, […]

ePSI Open Data Days, Warsaw, February 21-23

The ePSI platform team [have announced]( “three days of open data fun” in Warsaw next month. The big day is [the 2013 ePSI platform conference]( on 22nd February, but you’re also all invited to a workshop on the 21st, and a hackday on the 23rd! ###At a glance * **What?**: ePSI conference, workshop and hackday […]

Let’s defend Open Formats for Public Sector Information in Europe!

Following some remarks from Richard Swetenham from the European Commission, we made a few changes relative to the trialogue process and the coming steps: the trialogue will start its meetings on 17th December and it is therefore already very useful to call on our governments to support Open Formats! When we work on building all […]

COMMUNIA statement on open access to EU funded Horizon 2020 research

Horizon 2020 is the EU’s proposed new programme for research and innovation, which would run from 2014 to 2020. The programme would create an “[Innovation Union](” with a budget of €80million, bringing together current research and innovation funding available through a number of sources. On 28th November MEPs are set to vote on the […]

Amendments Liberated: new features for Parltrack

**The following guest post is by [Stef](** The European Parliament is one of the most notoriously impenetrable institutions that governs our lives. Shining a light into the murky corridors of Brussels and Strasbourg becomes increasingly vital as the reach of the Parliament grows. Opening up the EU to greater citizen scrutiny will help to improve […]

Visualising Europe’s Languages

[Jonathan Van Parys]( of [*Where’s My Villo?* fame]( got in touch to tell us about a [nice little mini-project]( he’s just launched to coincide with the [European Day of Languages](, which is today: > Launching on the 2012 European Day of Languages, []( is a new website that visualizes language knowledge in Europe based on […]

Call for research proposals: open data in developing countries

**The Web Foundation and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) are looking to fund case study research on the emerging impacts of open data in developing countries.** Open data policies are spreading across the world: but how does open data play out on the ground in different settings? What is needed for the potential transparency […]

Open Media Challenge, September, Bucharest

The [Open Media Challenge]( (OMC) is a two-day event, laying the groundwork for improving data journalism in Eastern Europe. The aim is to write code for free software which will solve real-world media problems around data aggregation and visualization. It will be a collaborative effort focused on Eastern European information collection and dissemination, and will […]